Bret Stout - CEO/Prosper GM

Bret Stout

Bret Stout

Bret is the founder and owner of Eagle's Wings Athletics and has been working with EWA since it's opening in 2003.

Bret has an extensive Spider Man collection and welcomes any new additions to his collection at any time!

Bret began his coaching career at Richardson Gymnastics in 1986, coaching tumbling and men’s gymnastics.

He moved to coaching trampoline and tumbling in 2003 with the opening of EWA.

Rachel Stout - Owner/Private Lesson Instructor

Rachel Stout

Rachel Stout

Rachel has worked with EWA since 2008 and has coached just about everything we offer :] Rachel loves teaching kids new skills and when she’s not at work, she’s playing with her kids or creating art!  Rachel is mostly a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher to her daughter Brooklyn.

Coach Rachel does tumbling and girls gymnastics private lessons in-between all her other activities.

Greg Schram - Boys Class Director/Head Men's Team Coach

Greg Schram

Greg did gymnastics in high school.  Started coaching in 1991.  Started at EWA in 2005.  Degree in Early Childhood, Elem. Ed., & Health.  USAG Level = Director/National Coach.

Brittany Stout - Head Trampoline & Tumbling Coach

Brittany Stout

Brittany Stout

Brittany joined the EWA Staff in 2010 where she began her coaching career.  Brittany has been involved with Eagle's Wings since its beginning in 2003 where she was a member of the cheer team.  She then moved to the trampoline and tumbling team, where she was a member until 2011.

Brittany is also the open gym and birthday party coordinator for EWA Prosper.

Veronica McCann - Head Girls Team Coach

Veronica McCann

Veronica McCann

Veronica began her coaching career as a part-time sub in 2017 before taking over as the head coach of the girls team in May of 2018.  Veronica began her coaching career in 1990 after being a collegiate gymnast.

Virginia Oas - Girls Team Coach

Virginia returned to EWA in June of 2017.  Virginia was with EWA from 2005 - 2008 before pursuing some other coaching opportunities.

Monica Pierce - Girls Team Coach

Veronica McCann

Monica Pierce

Coach Monica joined the EWA family in May of 2019. Her time in the sport began in 1998 as a gymnast and continued through her optional years of competing. Her career as a competitive team coach began in 2012. She later moved on to owning a gym with husband Nick. Her passion is in developing athletes in their early years of competitive gymnastics and leading conditioning program. She sees great value in being able to instill the love of the sport, teach discipline that will be required in the later years as a gymnast and in life, comradery, consistency, and of course precise technique and strength that is essential for a long and healthy career as a gymnast.

In her free time she enjoys watching movies, eating pizza, spending time with her husband and kids, spending time outdoors and near water, doing anything gymnastics related, and traveling.

Nick Pierce - Recreational Program Director

Veronica McCann

Nick Pierce

Coach Nick joined the EWA family in May of 2019. His career as a coach began in 1999, he has been a vital part in managing, developing gyms, and even owning his own gym with his wife Monica. Nick looks forward to continue sharing his passion and knowledge with children, parents, and colleagues. He focuses on finding fun and innovative ways to make learning and the business successful.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and three girls, eating the best chips and queso, watching fast card at the drag strip, hunting, fishing, and anything that means being outdoors.

Michelle Newton - Girls Team Coach

Michelle Newton

Michelle Newton

Michelle joined EWA in June of 2017.

Michelle is also a nurse practitioner.