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Eagle's Wings Athletics Ribbon Cutting 2003

Eagle’s Wings opened its doors May 27, 2003 for business.  Owner Bret Stout has done a lot with Eagle’s Wings since that first day to make it the gym it is today.  From small beginnings to a huge future, Eagle’s Wings Athletics began in a 10,000 square foot building with 1 trampoline, 1 competitive floor, a short rod floor, limited men's and women's equipment, and a small preschool area.

Now Eagle’s Wings resides in two locations with complete with trampolines, a competitive gymnastics floor, a competitive cheer floor, a competition length rod floor, full men's and women's equipment, and designated preschool area and equipment.

The dedication of the staff and ownership has kept Eagle’s Wings Athletics as the gym of choice in Prosper, Anna and the surrounding cities.

EWA is proud to be the home to State, Regional, National and International Champions in Gymnastics, Power Tumbling and Cheer.

Amy McDonald member of the Silver Medal USA Power Tumbling Team at World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.