Bret Stout - General Manager

Bret Stout

Bret Stout

Bret is the founder and owner of Eagle's Wings Athletics and has been working with EWA since it's opening in 2003.

Bret has an extensive Spider Man collection and welcomes any new additions to his collection at any time!

Bret began his coaching career at Richardson Gymnastics in 1986, coaching tumbling and men’s gymnastics.

He moved to coaching trampoline and tumbling in 2003 with the opening of EWA.


Torrey Gilbert - Office Manager

Torrey Gilbert

Torrey Gilbert

Torrey started working for EWA Anna in January of 2017.  Torrey is tasked with class registration, tuition and additional activity sign-ups.  He also works with communicating with parents and coaches to make sure kids get the sign-up for the right class.

Torrey enjoys comics and super hero movies, when he is not out serving others.

Chloe Brennan - Head Girls Team Coach

Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan

Chloe started coaching with Eagle's Wings in May of 2018.  Chloe started coaching in 2014 following a long career as a gymnast.  She started gymnastics when she was 3 years old and grew quickly into a strong competitive gymnasts.

Jenny Eastham - Rec Program Manager

Jenny Eastham

Jenny Eastham

Jenny started coaching at EWA in May of 2018.  Jenny currently works at both locations teaching preschool, girls and tumbling classes.  Jenny started her career in 1989 at University of Gymnastics in Plano.  She was also a competitive gymnasts for many years including college.

Malori Boedecker - Class Instructor

Malori Boedecker

Malori Boedecker

Malori started her career at EWA Anna in May of 2018, where she worked with summer camps while training on classes.  Malori is a varsity cheerleader for Melissa HS.

Bailey Maxvill - Class Instructor

Bailey is currently living in Richardson, Texas.  She enjoys spending her free time with her good friends and families.  Ever since she was 7 years old, she found her love for cheerleading.  She joined the competitive cheer at Eagle’s Wings when she was 10 years old.  She loves coming to EWA , because it became her second home.  Now she is enjoying working with the preschool, tumbling, and cheer students at EWA.

Deja Miller - Class Instructor

Amee Hartwell

Deja Miller

Deja started at EWA Anna in January of 2019 as an instructor.  She currently teaches classes for preschool, classes and tumbling.  Deja graduated Anna High School in 2019 where she was a varsity cheerleader.

Daisy Mora - Recreational Classes

Britney Morales

Daisy Mora

Daisy as been working with EWA Anna since January 2019 as a recreational coach.  She currently studying to be an Attorney.