Updated Mask Orders

Dear Parents and Guardians:

With the new executive order from the governor, Eagle’s Wing’s Athletics staff will wear face coverings starting at 12:01PM on Friday, July 3rd, unless medical or other exceptions apply.

Athletes that are 9 and under are not required to wear a mask.  Athletes that are 10 and over, should wear a mask into and out of the gym.  Wearing a mask during practice will be at the coaches discretion for safety purposes while performing skills or drills.  

Parents remaining in the lobby should also wear a mask while in the gym.

To help with crowding in the lobby in Prosper, we do ask that team and Tae Kwon Do parents drop off and pick up kids at the auxiliary lobby entrance (formerly NTA or suite C), and all recreational athletes should come through the front doors or the main lobby.

To help with crowding in the lobby in Anna, we ask all team kids to come through the next front door over entering directly into the gym.

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